The natural woolen items
wholesale from the Belarusian producer
We are pleased to invite you for cooperation!
Dear colleagues!
JSC «Sanbix GROUP» - the first Belarusian producer of natural woolen items - invites you for cooperation.
We work successfully for over 5 years on the market in the Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation and other European countries. All our products are made of 100% natural wool of sheep, goat, rabbit and camel. The wide range of products offered coupled with their healing properties makes our goods more attractive for the general public.
Our experienced specialists are always ready to answer to any your questions about the quality of our products, their properties, color, size, minimum order quantities and etc.
As producers we promise:
Guarantee the quality of our products
Undertake a commitment which involves a concern for delivery deadlines
Offer a 10% discount (depends on the volume of order)
provide a delivery within 10 days to a warehouse in Poland 
Official distributor for the European terrirory: Poland Z.P.H.U. "Sanbix GROUP" 05-110 Jablonna ul.Modliska 22 nip: 5361933939
We always answer to you!

Phone: +375297913333


UNP 791294960 The Republic of Belarus 212015 Mogilev region . Hamlet of Vilchitcy. Vilchanskaya street 58

Official distributor for Europe territory. Poland Z.P.H.U “Sanbix GROUP” 05-110 Jablonna ul. Modlinska 22 nip: 5361933939

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+48 796428759

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