Natural wool products

Natural wool products

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Children's woolen socks will warm your child's legs, because wool helps the child's body maintain its own warmth. Most importantly is that, wool socks absorb moisture. This property is important for every child, because they constantly strive to get into the water.
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Women's woolen socks can be worn on a bare leg or used as home slippers. Woolen socks look beautiful and neat! They retain heat as much as possible, while your legs breathe and do not sweat.
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Knitted tall women's woolen golf. Great not only for home use, but also for walking in cold weather, as well as this is a good acquisition for schoolchildren. They provide a warming and mild compression effect, which leads to the normalization of the functioning of the skin and venous blood flow.
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Men's woolen socks are just an essential part of the wardrobe during the cold season. We offer very beautiful original knitted woolen socks with winter ornaments, which will not only warm in bad weather, but will also become an excellent soulful gift for the New Year holidays!
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Warm woollen mittens will keep you warm in severe frosts to - 40 degrees. Sheep wool does do not let the wind pass, does not get wet, does not weather the hands. Mittens do not lose their shape and appearance when they are worn.
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With woolen gloves, your hands will be warm even on the coolest evening, warm demi-season gloves for men and women. Woolen gloves are suitable for autumn, winter and spring. They have an universal size, stretches well, suitable for women and for men - unisex, as well as for teenagers.
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Legs in woolen slippers are well ventilated, slippers made of sheep's wool have good thermal regulation. Our sheepskin slippers are perfect for all seasons.
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The vest is sewn from a lint knitted of natural wool. The canvas is smooth inside, with a fur pile on the outside. Perfectly sits on the figure. You can wear it under a jacket or coat. Zips in. There are 2 overhead pockets. A wonderful gift for the New Year or another event.
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A belt of sheep's wool is indispensable when working in the cold, in conditions of high humidity. It is a reliable protection of the lower back area from injuries.
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Woolen knee pads made of sheep's wool are necessary for injuries and bruises, as well as for the comprehensive treatment of diseases of the elbow joints.
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Our products are made of natural sheep's wool. Our masters take responsibility for their work and monitor the quality of the products. It takes a huge amount of time to make the goods because we care very much that the customer is satisfied with our products. Dense pile without synthetic fibers and high-quality tailoring products will give you a good and useful purchase, will long serve and keep you warm at any time of year. Different sizes and colors allow to satisfy any customer.
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Our products are of very high quality, because they are made from sheepskin leather, which is very flexible, soft, elastic, with high extensibility. Perfectly processed and retains its shape. It is considered one of the best materials for manufacturing high-quality model apparel, hats and accessories.
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We produce unique products using our own technology, which allows to get pure sheep fluff without coarse fibers. This unique material is used to create yarn from Mongolian sheep fluff, which is much softer than traditional sheep wool. Mongolian sheep fluff products combine carefully selected raw materials and high quality production to preserve the best properties of this unique material.
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